Classroom Function 教室功能


Lockcase:  1 latch bolt plus 1 guard latch, no deadbolt. Split followers or
hubs may be required. 单斜舌加一个防撬舌。没有方舌。两半式拨轮。
Key  activates/deactivates the outside lever handle. 钥匙使得外部把手动作或
Outside trim: lever handle, single cylinder. 外部执手,单边锁芯。
Inside trim: lever handle, no cylinder and no turn.内部仅有执手,没锁芯,没
Lock and unlock: Door can be locked and unlocked only with the key.
Get  in:  Lock  is  opened by outside lever except when it’s deactivated by
key.  A key is used to activate the lever in case it’s made inoperative and
then one can get in by turning the outside lever.进门:  除非钥匙使得处于把
Exit:  One  can  leave  the  classroom  by  turning  the  lever at any time
regardless  of the status of the outside lever handle. 不管外部把手处于何种